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A holistic approach to 
preconception wellness

The Storka Preconception Wellness Programme combines the wisdom of leading scientists, experts and advisers with integrative practices to create balance in your life and shape your future pregnancy. 

If you're thinking about...

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...where to turn for 

authentic pre-pregnancy advice,

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...which lifestyle changes to make to actually see results,

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... the overwhelming input

from Google and social media, men can also prepare 

for conception,

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...then you're exactly where
you need to be. 

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One of your biggest windows of opportunity to support your fertility, influence pregnancy outcomes and impact your baby's lifelong health is before you start trying to conceive.

Did you know?

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It's time for you to feel seen, heard, and supported on your journey toward pregnancy.

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Preconception can be an incredible time of personal growth.

​We like to say that parenthood starts the day you decide you want to become a parent. And we are here to support you from the start.


We created this empowering programme because we believe your body is wise and so are you.  Learn to celebrate each step on the path toward parenthood, cultivating love for and trust in your body through presence and play. Align your heart, mind and health.


As you'll discover on your journey with us, how you make lifestyle changes is just as important as which changes you make. Mindset and intention are some of your most powerful tools.

The product

Your Digital Guide to Preconception Wellness

What's included


A 9-week step-by-step programme
with 10 modules


8 renowned & experienced experts

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20+ handouts & personal guides


Private community


Live community circles


Daily practices & tools


40+ tasty recipes


Sperm renews every 3 months, which means that the next 90 days present a huge opportunity to influence your sperm health.

Did you know?

Fully engage with the life you have right now while nurturing your desire for something more.

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Reclaim your pathway to healthy conception and pregnancy



Over nine weeks, get to know Storka's founders Ingrid & Adrien as your mentors and our  experts as your guides. Access our coaching modules and downloadable learning materials like exercises, recipes, meditations and checklists.

You'll be supported & inspired by a community of likeminded people in forums and moderated group calls that connect you with other aspiring parents in the programme.



Working to align your health, heart and mind before conception can impact your fertility, reduce pregnancy risks and positively affect the health of your future baby.

Storka Preconception
Wellness Programme

Week 1 - Module 1

Welcome to Storka!
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In this introductory module, you'll meet Storka founders Ingrid & Adrien and get an overview of the preconception wellness journey ahead. We'll also show you how to connect with other like-minded, aspiring parents through the Storka private community.

Week 1 - Module 2

Preconception Mindset
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The beliefs you hold about your journey are powerful.  We want to help you enjoy this preconception phase and put your fears to rest.  In Module 2,  we'll coach you through life-changing mindset principles and fun exercises that empower you to shape your own preconception experience.

Week 3 - Module 4

Fertility Awareness
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In this module, you’ll learn about the main hormones supporting male and female fertility, and Malin, our integrative midwife, will teach you how to interpret your body's signals throughout your menstrual cycle. You will also be introduced to cycle charting and how to integrate it into your preconception journey.

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Week 4 - Module 5

Master your Stress
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Supporting your nervous system is supporting your preconception health. Through guided exercises and calming meditations that engage the senses, our stress expert Louise helps you integrate daily practices to soothe your stress response. Recover and restore even when it feels impossible to “stress less”.

Week 2 - Module 3

Biology of Preconception
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You will leave this module in awe of what your body is capable of and feeling confident about your preconception timing. Our medical scientist, Annie,  reveals major insights into how and why your lifestyle during preconception can shape the future well-being of your entire family.

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Week 5 - Module 6

Nourish your Body
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Both partners' nutritional status before conception profoundly impact the growth and development of a baby. In this module, you'll learn effective ways to support your preconception nutrition—without restrictions! Nutritionist Lina  explains beneficial foods to incorporate, and we provide easy recipes and guides.

Week 6 - Module 7

Your Mighty Microbiome
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Learn about the interplay between your microbiome, fertility & pregnancy. Our expert Graeme will guide you through the signs that your microbiome needs support and the most effective ways to help. Small lifestyle changes can alter the composition of your microbiome and make a big difference to preconception health.

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Week 7 - Module 8

Movement & Exercise
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Develop a healthy relationship to movement during preconception, shifting the focus to how exercise makes you feel rather than how your body looks. Storka's physiotherapist Anne Marie specialises in fertility and will guide you toward supporting your physical body and fertility during preconception.

Week 8 - Module 9

Sleep your Way to Parenthood
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Quality sleep can completely change your preconception journey. Your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle interacts with your hormones and reproductive system. Sleep coach Annika helps you understand how your sleep affects your preconception health today and puts you on a path to more restful nights. 

Week 9 - Module 10

Toxins & Detoxification
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Environmental toxins and their health effects on adults, children and developing foetuses is a global topic. This module provides tangible support for reducing your toxin exposure, and our expert Deanna provides tools to support the body’s innate biological pathways for clearing out accumulated toxins.

90 days before ovulation, an egg grows increasingly vulnerable  to environmental & lifestyle factors affecting its quality, such as diet, inflammation, and hormone levels.

Did you know?

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Access exclusive content developed with leading health and wellness experts, merging research with clinical practice.

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No more guesswork

Feel supported and guided

with a step-by-step guide that

takes the guesswork out

of pregnancy preparation.

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Learn impactful tools and practices that make it easy and fun to 

implement lifestyle changes.

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No hustle,
pure pleasure

Experience ease and joy on your preconception journey. This is not a restrictive bootcamp.


Meet your Experts

These eight renowned experts provide answers to all your

lifestyle questions during preconception to support

your fertility and prepare for pregnancy. 

What our members say:

_ Storka.png

Storka made me feel calmer on my journey to motherhood. It was a good reminder that I don’t need to be perfect to get pregnant ! [Conception] doesn't require perfection—rather, holistic well-being where I learn to love and support my body.


The offer (link book call)
  • Access to all 10 modules featuring
    8 renowned & experienced experts

  • Exclusive access to 40+ tasty recipes and 20+ powerful  handouts, infographics,  summaries, exercises, meditations, and recipes

  • Lifelong access to the private, supportive & like-minded Storka community

  • Monthly members-only Community Calls mentored by Ingrid and Adrien

  • Special offers and discounts for partner products

  • Many surprises and bonuses

Your fertility hormones follow their own sleep-wake cycle. Sleep quality and quantity can impact sperm quality, fertility and the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Did you know?

Join Storka and shape your journey to health, well-being and fertility today


About Storka

Hey 👋 We're Ingrid & Adrien, and we're so happy you're here! 


We founded Storka in 2020 based on our own experience with preconception. With the support of leading researchers, health practitioners and wellness experts, and together with parents-to-be across the globe, we've built Storka: a unique, integrative Preconception Wellness Programme for both women and men on their journey toward parenthood.


When we began talking about having a baby, we were hustling in every aspect of our lives: fast-paced jobs, high-intensity workouts, picture-perfect meals, travel-heavy holidays. On the surface, it looked like we were taking care of ourselves—but inside, we felt a lack of purpose, and our bodies and souls were craving nourishment. Ingrid was struggling with hormonal issues and anxiety. Adrien slept poorly, felt exhausted and out of alignment. After an honest look at how we were living we realised: surely this is not the best time for our bodies to conceive.


As we started researching preconception health, it was hard to find trustworthy and easily accessible information and support for both women and men on how to rebalance their lives in preparation for pregnancy. We dove into scientific research and spoke to health & wellness experts with years of experience working with people who want to conceive. A holistic picture began to emerge, emphasising the importance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing for fertility, pregnancy outcomes, and the health of a future child.


This was the final nudge we needed to make some major lifestyle changes that had been on our minds for awhile. We quit our jobs, moved closer to a network of supportive family and friends and started nourishing our bodies, adjusting our sleep patterns, and tending to our spiritual health. With this shift in mindset and behaviour patterns, we experienced amazing improvements in our energy, hormones and overall well-being. 


Not everyone has to upend their lives quite like we did! But the core of this preconception experience stayed with us, and we knew we could help others with everything we learned along the way. Two years after we began rethinking our preconception wellness, our daughter was born. She’s the first Storka baby and a constant reminder of our purpose: to be present in her life and help other aspiring parents, just like we once were.

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Meet the Storka Team


Adrien, Co-


I am on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of preconception health and wellness for men in preparation for fatherhood. And, I am passionate about permaculture.


Ingrid, Co-Founder

I am on a mission to help aspiring parents regain trust in their bodies.  Intentionally entering motherhood with a deeper sense of self-love can make all the difference. You can often find me experimenting in the kitchen.


Isabelle, Digital Designer

My purpose is to always create with an underlying message, one that radiates wellness and positivity, which I can do every day at Storka. Also, I'm obsessed with tulips.

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Annie, Scientific Advisor

I am a science & wellness geek at heart who loves educating people about their innate power to shape their health through lifestyle. I am busy mother of two, but also enjoy experimenting with ice baths and sauna therapy.

Frequently asked questions

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