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Embark on Your Path to Fertility & Pregnancy with Heartfelt Authenticity and Intentional Living.

Do you have a voice in you that tells you...

... there's a deeper meaning to your fertility journey: a path of embracing your body's wisdom, nurturing your health, and growing into parenthood more intentionally?

Hi there! We are Ingrid and Adrien. We had that voice too...


...longing not just for a child, but for a journey that integrated deep self-love, trust, and body wisdom into our quest to grow a family.


In our search, we realised that general advice often lacked a sense of empowerment and left us seeking ways to actively engage in our own journey. Overwhelmed by conflicting information and feeling lost, hopeless, and lonely, we reached a turning point.


Yearning for a holistic approach, we sought to deepen our understanding of our bodies, their innate wisdom,


and the key factors we could influence to support our fertility, influence pregnancy outcomes, and ensure the health of our future child. This approach aimed to empower not just our physical health but also our emotional, relational, and spiritual growth. In 2022, we were blessed to welcome our daughter into the world, a joyous culmination of our journey. 


At Storka, together with our team of 8 experts, we blend this comprehensive support with our nurturing philosophy, guiding you through your transformative journey towards the family you dream of.

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One of your biggest windows of opportunity to support your fertility, influence pregnancy outcomes and impact your baby's lifelong health is before you start trying to conceive.

Did you know?

Stork pregnant

Feeling overwhelmed on your fertility journey or simply longing for a more intentional and informed path to parenthood? 🌼

Join Our Free Spring Fertility Nutrition Challenge 🌟

Absolutely free, this challenge is designed to demystify nutrition on your fertility journey, offering clarity, support, and a touch of joy.

Food possesses an incredible healing power, yet navigating the sea of dietary trends and fads can often leave us feeling lost and stressed. It's hard to know which path genuinely nurtures our fertility and well-being.

What to Expect in the Challenge:

  • Daily, Simple Actions: Daily actionable tips to reinforce your journey to pregnancy

  • Delicious, Nourishing Recipes: Discover fertility-boosting meals that are not only nutritious but also a joy to prepare and eat.

  • Significant Role of Nutrition: Learn about the profound impact nutrition has on fertility for both women and men, and how the right foods can support your preconception health.

  • Mindful Eating Habits: guided practices to nourish your body and soul, preparing you holistically for the family you're dreaming of.

What if you could navigate your fertility journey with ease, clarity, and support? 🌼

Plus, a special surprise awaits at the end! 🎁

Dive in now—drop your name and email below, and let the journey to understanding begin!

The Art of Preparing for Pregnancy with intention

In our fast-paced world, where success often means overlooking the whispers of our well-being, Storka offers a different path to pregnancy. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: learn about your body, attune to your inner voice, listen to your body’s signals, and embrace what brings you joy. This journey isn’t just about getting and staying pregnant; it's a transformative lifestyle aimed at providing you with ease and enriching your life with authentic experiences with benefits that extend far into parenthood. It’s about feeling confident as you step into the role of a parent, equipped with powerful knowledge, intuition, and a deep connection to your own nature.


We advocate for a mindful approach, akin to nurturing soil for growth and harvest, offering tangible benefits like enhanced well-being and a deeper connection to oneself and one's partner. We hold strong trust in you and your journey towards pregnancy. Feel the essence of this philosophy and how it can enrich your journey to parenthood. Discover more about our unique approach and how it can shape your path to growing and nurturing new life.


Storka's Approach

We want you to feel vibrant and worthy in the here and now, offering a fertility journey of self-discovery and connected living that doesn’t just wait for the arrival of a baby, but enriches your life today.

Stork - rest and digest state
stork eating
Stork - walking in the sun
Cultivate Presence and
Befriend Body & Mind

Embracing a path of self-awareness, attuning to the body's signals, and nurturing empowering beliefs to foster a deep connection with the pregnancy journey.

Engage in Lifestyle Changes that bring your pure pleasure

Connect with Community and Nature's Rhythms

Integrating impactful lifestyle adjustments from a foundation of self-love, harmoniously blending scientific knowledge with ancient wellness practices for holistic fertility and pre-pregnancy support.

Fostering a village of like-minded individuals to feel connected and aligning with the natural rhythms of life to enhance the parenting experience and cultivate a harmonious lifestyle.

Love messages from Storka Members

Embraced by individuals and couples worldwide, our work reshapes paths to parenthood, positively impacting the lives of future children.

“Storka made me feel calmer on my journey to motherhood. It was a good reminder that I don’t need to be perfect to get pregnant ! [Conception] doesn't require perfection—rather, holistic well-being where I learn to love and support my body."

Sofia, Stockholm

You quickly notice how Storka is anchored in science, yet its soft and kind approach made me feel good and empowered straight away. Learning from the experts was an amazing experience and got us motivated.

Helen, London

Thanks to Storka my preconception journey has become a personal journey of self-discovery. It is no longer about fixing myself and I feel less time pressure. I can relax into my journey and step out of urgency, whilst preparing and nurturing my body for pregnancy and motherhood.

Lynn, Melbourne
Free resources

100% FREE Life-Changing Resources

Man journaling
Free Pre-Pregnancy & Fertility Wellness Questionnaire

Find out how well prepared you are for pregnancy and what wellness area to focus on to support your journey.

Pregnant woman meditating in nature
Guided exercise for instant anxiety relief

Experience soothing support with our expert Louise and co-founder Ingrid in a video guide, offering powerful practices to calm your nervous system whenever needed.

Fertility Awareness: how hormones behave throughout menstrual cycle
Fertility Awareness

Learn about your reproductive hormones, uncovering menstrual cycle insights, and the key mind-body connection for hormonal balance.

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Discover Storka's flagship Preconception Programme

Build your Sacred Path to Conception

A 12-week transformative journey designed not just to enhance fertility but to align your mind, body, and spirit, enabling you to start enjoying your life now, even as you prepare for parenthood. Discover the true essence of pre-pregnancy wellness for both women & men with our expert-led modules, practical tools, and nurturing community. This holistic approach provides not only the key to fertility but also a balanced, joyous pathway to parenthood: the sacredness of preconception.

Meet Ingrid & Adrien

Our story began while preparing to conceive our daughter, where we realised that we couldn't ignore our bodies', minds' and souls' signals any longer;
the ONLY way forward was to truly reconcile with our inner selves. We were seeking not just to become parents, but to find a deeper sense of purpose and connection in our lives.

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