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Your roadmap towards a healthy conception

Storka provides you with actionable tools and information based on the latest research on your journey towards conception. We take the guesswork out of pregnancy preparation, so that you can start supporting your fertility and give your future baby a healthy start to life.

Did you know...

one of your biggest windows of opportunity to support your fertility, influence pregnancy outcomes and your future baby's lifelong health is before even trying?


Are you an aspiring parent wanting...

...your journey towards pregnancy to feel fun and exciting rather than confusing and overwhelming? gain knowledge about your fertility and feel confident about what to do to support it?

...access to trustworthy and research-based information and support that actually make a difference?

...feel heard and listened to by like-minded

people who understand where you are at?

... and this applies to both women and men.

We know that a journey towards parenthood can feel overwhelming, confusing - filled with doubts  and frustrations. But it does not have to be that way.

No matter where you are on your journey towards conceiving - we want you to know that you are the exact right time to start positively influencing your fertility,  pregnancy outcomes and your future baby's lifelong health.

The Solution

This is how it works

Storka empowers you with all you need to know about how to safely prepare for conceiving your child. We combine the latest science with the power of wellness and nutrition, to support you on your very own journey towards conceiving.


Preparing for pregnancy gives YOU the opportunity to be mindful & intentional about bringing life into this world.

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Safe & trustworthy

Evidence-based content developed in collaboration with leading health & wellness experts

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No more guesswork

Digital guide delivered in an easy-to-digest format walking you through all there is to know

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Powerful tips & practical tools to implement impactful lifestyle changes on your pathway towards parenthood


About us

Storka was founded by Ingrid & Adrien based on their own experience with preconception. They felt a strong lack of trustworthy and easily accessible information and support for both women and men on how to safely prepare for pregnancy. Yet the scientific research around preconception health and wellbeing increasingly point towards the importance of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing for our fertility, pregnancy outcomes and the health of a future child. With support of leading researchers, health practitioners and wellness experts and together with aspiring parents across the globe they built Storka - a unique integrative wellness programme for both women and men on their journey towards parenthood.

About us
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