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Master Your Cycle: A Guide to Fertility Awareness & Natural Conception

Embarking on the journey towards pregnancy, I discovered a profound truth: my body was communicating with me through my menstrual cycle, offering insights into my fertility that had been shrouded in misunderstanding due to a lack of education. This realisation sparked a transformation, guiding me towards a natural and empowered approach to understanding my fertility.

Discovering Body Literacy

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Learning the language of my body, a concept known as body literacy, became the key to unlocking trust in and deeper love for my body. Unfortunately, so many of us are never taught this language, leading to shame, worry, and misunderstanding about our reproductive health. Body literacy isn't just about recognising when I am fertile; it's about comprehending the subtle signs and signals my body sends every day. Armed with this self-knowledge, I felt empowered to navigate my fertility journey with more confidence.

I learned that my menstrual cycle was influenced by the conversation between my body and mind. Recognising the importance of tracking my cycle, I noticed patterns that were directly linked to my overall well-being and fertility.

Lifestyle and Menstrual Health: A Symbiotic Relationship

My deep dive into menstrual health illuminated how intricately my lifestyle choices affected my cycle. From diet to stress management, every aspect of my daily life had the potential to harmonise or disrupt my cycle rhythm, impacting my fertility in the process.

Embracing the Uniqueness of My Cycle

One of the most empowering lessons was embracing the natural variability and uniqueness of menstrual cycles. I understood that not everyone ovulates on day 14, and that signs of fertility can vary from cycle to cycle. This variability isn't a complication but the magic of the body, helping me appreciate my body's unique responses to its environment, underscoring the individuality of my fertility journey.

Understanding Fertility Through Fertility Awareness-Based Methods

Storka’s Fertility Awareness Expert Malin Söderberg (PhD) explains that the so-called symptothermal method can offer a way to interpret the different phases of your menstrual cycle and identify the most fertile days. It can also provide you with information about your hormonal health and be a great tool to help prepare your health for pregnancy. By tracking basal body temperature and cervical mucus changes, you can pinpoint ovulation. These signs include:

  • Cervical Mucus Changes: Before ovulation, cervical mucus becomes clear, stretchy, and more abundant, indicating fertile days.

  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT): Post-ovulation, a rise in BBT suggests the fertile window has closed, confirming ovulation has occurred.

When Am I Most Fertile?

The days leading up to and including ovulation represent your cycle's peak fertility window. Embracing and tracking these symptothermal signs significantly enhances conception chances.

Menstrual cycle & hormal changes

Understanding the intricate dance of fertility extends beyond just tracking your cycle. Insights from our blog posts on the impact of epigenetics on fertility, managing stress for optimal reproductive health, and how blood sugar levels influence your fertility journey further illuminate the multifaceted nature of conceiving. Each post delves into key aspects of preconception care, offering a holistic view on preparing for pregnancy.

Embrace the Journey & Get Support

The journey to understanding natural fertility is deeply personal yet universally relevant. By becoming literate in our bodies' language and utilising Fertility Awareness-based Methods, we unlock a powerful tool for navigating our fertility and our wellbeing. This journey not only empowers us on our path to parenthood but also fosters a deeper connection with our bodies, reshaping how we view our menstrual cycles and overall health.

Deepen Your Understanding with Our Free Mini Course

If you're curious and ready to dive deeper into understanding your menstrual cycle and reproductive hormones, our free Fertility Awareness Mini Course is the perfect starting point. Simply provide your email in the form under this blog post to begin your journey of discovery.

What else do I personally use?

For monitoring basal body temperature, I personally use Tempdrop (get 10% off with our affiliate link) and the Read Your Body app (visit their website) for tracking my cycle, symptoms, and analysis. These tools have revolutionised the way I understand my cycle and fertility.

I am excited for you to also discover the innate superpower and wisdom you hold through your menstrual cycle.



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